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SPU is one of the biggest construction machinery companies in the middle east

Our Strategy and quality

The strategy and goal of SPU Co. is to provide a high-quality machinery and equipment from the most reputable brands in the world and support and accompany our customers from the beginning.

Application engineering & Experiences

Our application engineering departments develop customer-focused solutions for demanding installations. Thanks to their vast experience in design and specification of vertical access products and applications, you can get expedited configuration drawings, strength calculations, etc.


SPU Middle East Machinery Co. has always been benefited from the authentic, supportive and the most experienced managers and always follow the latest methods of management.

SPU Machinery Services



Our experienced engineers of our company will be so grateful to provide advices and conduct feasibility evaluations for our customers before purchasing any construction equipment.

نصب و راه اندازی


Our installation teams are fully trained and competent to provide you with a professional installation. Coupled with a regular regime of service and maintenance, we will strive to provide you with trouble free operation during the life of your equipment.

تعمیرات و نگهداری


SPU Co. is ready to provide services for maintenance and repairs of machinery with the highest international standards.

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