SPU Middle East Machinery Co. has officially been working as one of the construction machinery and equipment suppliers in Iran. The company's senior executives have been working for decades in the field of supplying materials, designing and consulting the construction projects in IRAN.

SPU Co. plans to invest on the most updated technology and the most advanced construction equipment in order to deliver the equipment to construction and engineering communities with competitive prices. It is assumed that this company will bring long-term benefits to the civil society of our country by transferring the technology and localizing these products in the near future.

SPU Co. also owns a pipe & profile plant with a warehouse and has the ability to produce industrial pipes with the capacity of 150,000 tons per year.

SPU Co.  is the exclusive representative of the ALIMAK group of Sweden in Iran (www.alimakhek.com). This company is the most reliable manufacturer of industrial and construction elevators and has more than 30 branches and 100 dealers in the world with an annual sale of over $ 500 million.  ALIMAK also has 60 years of experience in manufacturing products for various industries including bridges, buildings, Cement, telecommunication towers, factories, large warehouses, steel industries, mines, oil and gas, ports and harbors, power plants, paper industry, offshore industries, petrochemicals, refineries and gas tanks.

SPU Co. is also an exclusive representative of SOIMA Corporation of Portugal (www.soima.pt) in Iran. The above mentioned company (SOIMA) produces tower cranes with the capacity of 2 up to 20 tons. These products are totally manufactured in Europe and have CE standard.

The main goal of our company is to satisfy our customers with the best after-sale services and warranty. Reports, in accordance with the perspectives of all previous customers, proudly show that  our company has always been the leader in this industry.

Considering the aforementioned subjects, the company’s future target is to combine the existing capacities and capabilities with modern technologies, in order to increase the safety factor, cost saving, accelerate the operation and reduce the time of the country's projects.