All our products are designed and tested to increase reliability and to develop a resistance to wear and tear in order to avoid unscheduled downtime.

To give you that security, we offer the following broad range of After Sales products and support offerings:

  • Service contracts
  • Service maintenance programmes
  • Genuine replacement parts
  • Exchange components
  • Upgrade packages
  • Complete refurbishment services
  • Installations 

The modular concept of our After Sales and service maintenance offer, allows you to create your own tailor-made plan. This gives the support and coverage you need both financially and technically, to provide ‘peace of mind’ during the lifetime of your equipment!

Spare Parts

 Genuine Alimak Hek components are designed to keep your equipment running at peak performance, by reducing downtime and the costs of ownership. That’s why we use only genuine Alimak Hek parts as an integrated part of our contracts for preventive maintenance and repairs.

The best way to ensure that your Alimak, Champion, Heis-Tek or Hek equipment remains a tool for truly cost effective operation is to keep the machine 100% original through and through!

Industrial elevator parts

Making life easy for our customers through efficient distribution! From gearbox to motors and brake pads to safety devices… We guarantee to deliver all parts and components when needed.

We have spare parts stock at local levels in Iran.

Contact our office and we will take all the stress and strain out of the situation for you.

Our commitment is to ensure that standard items are delivered at the shortest period (Ex Works from central Warehouse). Our mission is to ensure that we make life easy for operators of any of our equipment.


 Our installation teams are fully trained and competent to provide you with a professional installation. Coupled with a regular regime of service and maintenance, we will strive to provide you with trouble free operation during the life of your equipment. 

Staying ahead of unscheduled downtime has never been easier. The success of your business demands solutions that optimize machine uptime, reduce costs and keep your equipment operating at peak performance. No one understands this more than our team.

Industrial elevator service

With the most comprehensive network of service workshops and technicians, you can always rely on SPU for fast and efficient repairs, maintenance and inspections.

If you opt for SPU service contract, we will ensure that your elevator, hoist or work platform is always in top condition.